There are many ways to exist on the Internet. Website can be a good tool to present company values, philosophy and products/offers - this then leads to engagement with client or at least makes your brand recognised. 
All our website designs are individual and created with elegance and quality in mind. We do not use templates of webpages and try to come up with something unique for every client.
All websites we make are responsive which means better experience when visiting your website on mobile devices

All the websites are based on our own Content Management System (CMS) that is focused on simplicity and speed of editing the content. It offers a variety of editing possibilities and is focused on promoting website content above all so pages are naturally (organically) well optimised for search results.

Because of the individual nature of websites we make the prices can also vary but the average website with unlimited pages and galleries starts from €499 and this package includes individual design based on your brand/requirements, preparing template based on the approved design and setting up all so you can easily enter content and get your website online. Of course part of design is preparing few great sliders and graphics that will be focal point of your website and preparing few simple graphics to accompany your content is included in price. While stock photos are not included in price they can be used as well. 

If you're starting from a scratch we can offer you complete brand identity which will be a great way to start building your company. Clients often decide to redesign their logo while they get new website done so it is also worth thinking about if you have a logo that we can improve.