Professional logo design for new companies or rebranding of existing ones. Unique design you can depend on to serve you well for years to come. Good logos that are easy to adapt to any medium whether it is print or web. Corporate identity (brand manual) allows to unify brand identification in advertising campaigns which is important in creating consistent look of a company.

We offer:

  • Professionally designed logo (not based on templates, only original ideas created for you)
  • 3D Logo design or animation
  • Corporate identity guidelines for consistent logo application
  • Logo vectorisation or reconstruction - Transforming bitmap logo into vector version for print quality.

How does it work?

After receiving your order I am sending pro-forma invoice for 50% of the package ordered. I am also sending a questionnaire which will simplify describing your logo requirements and improve speed of our cooperation

After the deposit is on my account I need 3-4 working days to prepare the initial set of logos

You have 5 working days to pick a design or send me changes which I will apply in next 3-4 working days. This is what I call a round of changes.

After selecting final logo design I will prepare a final invoice. If you ordered the extended package this is when I will design business cards and letterheads.

After all is agreed and paid for I need up to 3 working days to prepare a complete set of files for you. I will also send the final invoice for the amount paid that will confirm your purchase.

Why me?

I am a creative professional. Over 10 years of experience working for international clients and agencies. I created hundreds of websites myself or as a part of a team, designed logos for over a hundred of brands and thousands of various designs for almost all types of companies and individuals.

I offer a range of services - not just logo design. I can make it all work flawlessly - well designed logo with nice modern website accompanied with beautifully designed print materials. That is how I treat brands and I am capable of creating it all in unison so it works for you and you get recognised and remembered.